TOM HUTCHINSON, co-author of INTERFACE, taught English in the UK, Germany, and Croatia, and he has given teacher training courses in many countries around the world, including Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka. For a number of years he lectured at the Institute for English Language Education at Lancaster University, UK.

With Oxford University Press Tom has published the award-winning Project English and Project Video, An Introduction to Project Work, Hotline, Lifelines, New Hotline, Project, Lifetime Video, American Hotline, Big City, English for Life, Network, Project Third Edition and Project Fourth Edition.

In addition to writing textbooks for General English, Tom has also published extensively in the area of English for Specific Purposes. He is the co-author (with Alan Waters) of a number of articles on the subject, as well as of Interface: English for Technical Communication (Canford Publishing, 2016) and ESP: A Learning-centred Approach (CUP, 1987)

In his free time Tom plays golf, watches football and movies, plays the electric guitar and spends time with his ever-increasing family.

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