Start Writing Sentences

Start Writing Sentences

Student Edition

Author : Richard Harrison

Start Writing Sentences helps beginners to construct simple and accurate sentences related to areas such as family and friends, work and study and hobbies and sports. It builds on the skills developed in the first book in the series, Start Writing, which focussed on simple words and phrases.

By the end of Start Writing Sentences students will be able to:

  • use capital letters where appropriate
  • punctuate sentences correctly
  • build simple sentences (using the verbs: be, work, study, live, like, and have).
  • create negative sentences (using don't, doesn't)
  • use adjectives (big, green, old) and nouns with -ing (reading, studying)
  • write sentences using There is .. and There are ..
  • write simple instructions and text messages

A teacher's guide (To the Teacher) is included at the back of the book with an answer key. .

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