Start Writing

Start Writing

Basic introduction to English for "non-alphabet" beginners

Author : Richard Harrison

is designed as a basic introduction to English for ‘non-alphabet’ beginners. It familiarizes students with the Roman alphabet and the numbers 0-10, through letter and number recognition and copying exercises. It also practises basic language forms such as greetings and introductions, and the use of capital letters and punctuation.


A Teacher’s Guide (To the Teacher) is included at the back of the book together with an answer key.

By the end of Start Writing, students will be able to:

  • write all of the capital and small letters correctly
  • write the numbers 0-10
  • join letters to write words, such as their own names, the names of cities and countries and the names of familiar objects
  • exchange greetings with people in English
  • ask and answer a few simple questions

Students will then be ready for more advanced writing practice through courses such as the forthcoming Start Writing: Sentences and the elementary/pre-intermediate level Keep Writing 1 and 2.

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