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Introducing critical thinking into a language programme

Richard Harrison looks at three approaches to introducing critical thinking into a language programme: a) getting students to think about their own thinking; b) introducing a critical thinking syllabus alongside an existing programme and c) feeding flexible critical thinking activities into language classes. He draws on ideas from his publications Framework and Framework First.


Teaching writing to Arab Learners

In this talk Richard Harrison discusses the teaching of writing skills to Arab learners and describes how we can use learning outcomes to help us structure a writing programme.


Critical thinking activities 1: Scam emails

Scam emails can be annoying but Richard Harrison shows how we can use them to our advantage in the classroom. By analysing the scam emails we can demonstrate critical thinking in action!


Critical thinking activities 2: Advertisements

Advertisements can be a very useful resource for critical thinking activities and discussions. Richard Harrison suggests some ways they can be used in the language classroom.


Critical thinking activities 3: Misleading data

We find data in various forms all around us. Richard Harrison looks at how we can make use of data, and in particular misleading data, as a rich resource for critical thinking activities in the classroom.


Critical thinking activities 4: The scientific method

The scientific method teaches us a lot about critical thinking. Richard Harrison looks at how we can use this method, together with simple scientific experiments, as a way of developing a critical thinking mindset.

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